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The Zebra Midge Fishing Fly

The Zebra Midge Fishing Fly The Zebra Midge is a great little sub-surface fly. It resembles a mosquito larve, and can be fished similar to a chironomid. Make sure to add a few of these to your chironomid box before heading out on the water for the day.

Ingredients for the Zebra Midge:
  • Scud Hook Size 8 - 18
  • Fine to Medium silver wire
  • Stretch Floss
  • 8/0 Black fly tying thread
Starting the Zebra Midge.

Start by crimping the barb of the hook in the vise jaws, or with a pair of flat pliars. Select a bead of appropriate size to place on the hook. Tie on your thread just beind the bead.

Tie in the wire

Take a piece of silver wire, and tie it onto the hook shank, just behind the bead. Bind the wire to the bottom of the bend of the hook. This will keep the body of the fly even.

Tie in the stretch floss

Tie in a piece of black or dark coloured stretch floss near the tail, and wind the thread to the bead. Add a half hitch to secure the fly.

Tie in the stretch floss

Wrap the floss forward to the bead. Use tight wraps, while pulling the stretch floss away from the hook. Tie off the floss once you have the taper you want, and trim off any excess floss.

Wrap the peacock

Wrap the wire forward using even wraps. Tie the wire off just behind the bead, trim the excess wire and add a whip finish to the fly. Add a small amount of head cement for durability.