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The X-Caddis Fly

The X-Caddis Flishing Fly An alternative to tying the classic elk hair caddis fly. The X-caddis uses no hackle, and relies on the antron tail to provide additional float. Tied in tan, olive and grey varients.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 94833 size 6-16
  • Tan or grey antron
  • Tan ot grey antron dubbing
  • Natural elk hair
  • 6/0 Uni-thread
Starting the fly.

Crimp the barb of the hook and tie on the thread. Wrap the thread to the bend of the hook.

Add the tail

Tie in an antron tail. I like to make the tail a little bit long to provide extra stability on the water, and to help balance the fly out.

Dubbing the fly

Apply wax to your thread, and add a small amount of grey dubbing to the thread. Wrap the hook with the dubbed thread making sure to give the fly a slight taper towards the front. Add several half hitches to the fly to keep everything in place.

Tie in the elk hair

Take a small bunch of natural elk hair, clean and stack it. Tie in the hair behing the eye of the hook. Start by making a coulpe loose wraps over the hair, and gradually tighten them. Allow the hair to flair slightly. The elk hair wing should extend back to the bend of the hook.

Finish the fly

Gather all of the elk hair butts and make a couple wraps under the hair. Add a couple half hitches to the fly and trim the thread. Gather the elk hair butts again, and pull them forward. Cut the butts even with the eye of the hook. Cement the head of the fly to finish it.