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Whip Finishers

Fly Tying Whip Finisher Tools

A whip finisher is a tool employed by lots of tiers to finish a fly with a smooth knot. A whip finish is applied in order to keep the materials from unwinding after the thread is cut. There are three types of whip finishers available on the market today, the Simple, the Thompson and the Matarelli. They all create a nice finish on a fly, but accomplish it in different ways. You can also use a hand whip to finish a fly. Many people consider the whip finish to be one of the most difficult aspects of tying flies in the beginning. I strongly recommend that any beginner learns at least one technique for whip finishing a fly. Once you learn on of the methods, and have practiced a little, it will become second nature to apply a whip finish to your fishing flies.

Click here for whip finishing instructions
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