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Whip Finishing Flies

Whip Finish Instructions - step1

Take the hook of the tool and hook the thread.

Whip Finish Instructions - step2

With bobbin in hand, wrap the thread around the bend in the tool across from the hook. Keep some light tention on the thread.

Whip Finish Instructions - step3

Bring the tool up and form a number 4 with the thread.

Whip Finish Instructions - step4

Wrap back and around the shank of th ehook 3-4 times.

Whip Finish Instructions - step5

While keeping tention with the tool hook, and the bobbin, remove the bended end of the tool fro the thread while moving the hook upwards.

Whip Finish Instructions - step6

Slowly pull the bobbin away from the vice. This should pull the hook downwards. Remove the hook when it reaches the hook shank.

Whip Finish Instructions - step7

Pull the bobbin to snug the thread and complete the whip finish. Trim off the thread, and you are finished.

You can also download this short videoclip to see the whip finish in action.
Download the Whip Finishing Video here
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