Trout Fly

Vanilla Bugger by Hans Stephenson

Via Hans Stephenson

Vanilla Bugger Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1710
Bead: 1/4″ Black brass cone
Weight: lead wire (optional)
Thread: 6/0 olive
Tail: Sand blood quill marabou flanked by pearl crystal flash
Hackle: Silver badger hackle
Rib: Copper wire (reverse wrapped over hackle)
Body: Beige sparkle yarn

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Pattegrisen (The pink piglet spey) by FlyTying.EU

Pattegrisen Fly Recipe

Hook: Partidge CS54
Thread: Pink 6/0 UNI
Weight: Non-lead wire 8-10 wraps 0.030
Mouth: Hungarian partridge
Feelers: Shrimp pink Whiting Spey hackle and pearl shrimp crystal flash
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes – Black
Ribbing: Silver wire
Hackle: Shrimp pink Whiting Spey hackle
Body: Dubbing looped SLF shell pink

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CP’s Caddis Larva by Carl Pennington

Hook: MFC#7045 Size 14 thru 18
Bead: Black to match size of hook
Thread: 8/0 Light Olive – 8/0 black
Abdomen:MFC Wonder Wrap Caddis Green
Rib: X-SM UTC Green Wire
Wingcase 1: Black Holographic Tinsel
Wingcase 2: Black Flouro Fibre
Thorax: SLF Prism Dubbing
Legs: Black Flouro Fibre

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American Pheasant Tail Nymph

Hook: Dai-riki #730 or standard 2xl nymph hook
Thread: Brown Danville Flymaster 6/0
Tail: Pheasant tail dyed dark brown
Ribbing: Copper Ultra Wire small
Wingcase / legs: Pheasant tail dyed dark brown
Thorax: Peacock herl

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