Olive Ghost Sea Trout Tube Fly

Olive Ghost Tube Fly Recipe

Tube: Black nanotube
Weight: Drop weight
Thread: Uni-8/0 Black
Hackles: GOlden olive dyed French partridge
Wing: Golden olive fox tail with chartreuse angel hair
Eye: Jungle cock
Cone: Brass cone

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Sculpin Helmet Bunny by Fly-Carpin

Sculpin Helmet Bunny Recipe

Hook: Tiemco 760SP #4
Thread: UNI 6/0 dark color
Tail: Black barred olive rabbit zonker
Body: Black barred olive rabbit zonker (dubbing loop w/ leather trimmed)
Head: Sculpin Helmet – Olive Small (Flymen Fishing Company)

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Bullet Head Caddis by Hackles And Wings

Bullet Head Caddis Recipe

Hook: Dry Fly Standard #12-#18
Threads: UNI 8/0 dark brown
Head / Wing: Deer hair stacked
Body: Antron dubbing olive (brown, cream, olives, black)
Thorax: Rabbit dubbing dark olive (match to body darker)

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