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The Sunrise Streamer Salmon Fly

The Sunrise Streamer Salmon Fly Similar to the fall favorite salmon fly pattern, the sunrise streamer offers the same colors with the addition of a hackle tail, and the sparkle of rainbow flash material.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad Salmon hook
  • Yellow and Orange wet hackle
  • Gold tinsel size 12 - 14
  • Rainbow Flash
  • Fire orange or red 6/0 Uni-thread
Starting the fly.

Tie on the thread at the eye of the hook and wind it to the bend of the hook.

Tie in the Tail

Take a few fibers each of yellow, and orange hackle. Tie these in together as a tail for the salmon fly. Tie in a piece of gold tinsel for the body material, and tightly wrap the thread back to the eye of the hook.

Dubbing the fly

Wrap the gold tinsel around the hook shank, making sure to completely cover the hook. Apply good tention while wrapping to give the body a smooth look. Tie off the tinsel just before the eye of the hook.

Hackle the salmon fly

Tie in a yellow hackle and palmer it around the hook shank. Tie it off after several wraps and then tie in an orange hackle. Palmer the orange hackle, and tie it off.

prepareing the hackle

Tie in a few strands of flash on the top of the hackle. With your free hand, pull back all of the hackle and wrap the base of it so that when you let go, the hackle lays back towards the hook. Add a whip finish to the fly, and cement the head.