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The Renegade Fishing Fly

The Renegade Fishing Fly

Ingredients for the Renegade:
  • Curved shank hook size 10 - 16
  • Silver mylar tinsel
  • Brown saddle hackle
  • Peacock herl
  • White saddle hackle
  • 6/0 dark brown fly tying thread.
Tie on the thread.

Tie on your thread and run it to the middle of the slope of the hook. Tie in a piece of mylar and wrap the shank to create a silver tag on the fly. Tie off, and trim the excess mylar.

Adding the herl

Tie in an appropriately sized brown saddle hackle. The hackle should be between 1.25 and 1.5 times the gap of the hook. Wrap your hackle about 5-6 time to form the rear wing. Tie off the hackle and trim it.

Tie in the renegade

Tie in 4-5 strands of peacock herl by their tips. Wrap the peacock herl around your tying thread to reinforce the herl. Wrap the herl forward about 3/4 of the hook shank.

Finishing the herl body

Tie off the herl, and trim the excess. Prepare and tie in a white saddle hackle.

Finish the fly

Wrap the white hackle to the head. You will want to have a similarly sized wing in the front and back. Tie off the hackle, and trim the excess. Add a whip finish to the fly, and add a dab of head cement to the head.