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The Orange Soft Hackle Fishing Fly

The Orange Soft Hackle Fishing Fly The family of soft hackle flies seem to be very much overlooked in the fly fishing community. I have had some great trips due in part to using this type of fly. They are very simple and quick to tie. You can vary the pattern by using different colors in the dubbing, and the hackle.

Ingredients for the Orange Soft Hackle:
  • Mustad 3906 size 8 - 16
  • Fine copper wire
  • Orange rabbit dubbing
  • Brownish colored indian hen
  • 8/0 Brown fly tying thread
Starting the Orange Soft Hackle.

Tie on your tying thread, and bring it to the bend of the hook. Take a small length of fine copper wire, and attach it to the hook, tying it to the back of the hook.

Dubbing the Orange Soft Hackle

Take some thread wax, and apply a small amount to your tying thread. Apply a sparse amount of orange rabbit dubbing such as the Great Canadian Dubbing or hairline. Twist the dubbing to form a tight rope, and wrap the dubbing around the hook shank, forming a slight taper towards the eye of the hook.

Ribbing the fly

Take the copper wire, and wrap it forward to the eye of the hook. This will add some durability to the fly, and add a nice segmentation. Tie off the wire, and trim the excess.

Tie in the hen saddle

Take a hen saddle feather and prepare it by stripping off the webby fibers near the base of the feather. Pull the fibers back, and tie in the feather.

Finish the Orange Soft Hackle

Pull the fibers of the hen feather to the back of the fly while wrapping it around the head of the fly. Tie off the hackle, and trim the stem. Stroke the hackle collar back, and apply the head to the fly. Add a whip finish, and cement the head.