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Olive Wooly Bugger - dubbed body

Olive Wooly Bugger This is an great fly for begginers, and it can catch alot of fish. There is a limitless amount of color that you can use to tie this fly. My favorite color to tie a bugger in is olive. I have caught rainbow trout, and pike with this fly while fishing lakes and ponds. I like to tie this with dudding because it gives it a natural random look to the fly. There are about a million variations of this fly, and I will be showing some different ones on the site.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 9671 3x hook
  • Olive marabou
  • Olive antron dubbing
  • Olive strung hackle
  • Camel or Olive 6/0 thread
Tie on thread.

Tie on your thread and trim the excess tag. Take the thread all the way to the curve of the hook.

Measure out your marabou.

Measure a piece of Marabou about the same length as the shaft of the hook. Use a pinch wrap to tie on the marabou. This forms the tail. Trim off the excess.

Tie in the hackle.

Next tie in the hackle. Make sure that you have tied this in tightly. Once the hackle is secure, apply some dubbing wax to your thread for approx. 3 inches.

Dubbing the thread.

Place a small amount of olive dubbing onto the thread. Spread out the dubbing evenly along the waxed thread, then gently rub the dubbing back and forth between your fingers to coat the thread.

Tie on thread.

Wind the dubbed thread around the hook to about 4/5 of the hook, and tie a couple of half hitches. The dubbing shoud be somewhat loose, and will be tightened by the winding of the hackle.

Tie on thread.

Wrap the hackle around the hook, and tie it down at the head. Trim the excess hackle and add a half hitch. Whip finish the head, trim the thread, and cement the head.