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The misfit Fishing Fly

The misfit Fishing Fly The misfit is a nice damsel fly imitation. The most common variation I have seen is the olive color. I would also tie this in black, and even light blue / dun colours. The darker the damsel fly nymphs are, the closer they are to emerging. Damsels are often found near the bottom of shallow water. They are often found to be found crawling rather than swimming.

Ingredients for the Misfit:
  • 2x or 3x streamer Size 6 - 12
  • Olive marabou
  • Fine copper wire.
  • Olive dubbing to match marabou
  • Brown hen hackle
  • 8/0 Olive Dun fly tying thread
Starting the misfit.

Start off the misfit by crimping the barb of the hook. Next, slide a brass bead over top of the hook, and push it out to the eye. I have used a black bead for this tutorial, but copper, or gold would work as well.

Tie in the marabou

Take a small bunch of marabou, and tie it onto the hook shank near the bend of the hook. It should be about 2/3 the length of the hook shank. If it's a bit long, you can leave it, and tear it as you need to once you are on the water.

Tie in the wire

Tie in your wire to the rear of the hook. Next you are going to dub the body. You will want to create a slight taper towards the bead. Apply a very small amount of dubbing wax to the thread if you want before you start to add dubbing. Wrap your dubbing forward to create your body. Pay attention to the taper, and do not overload the dubbing on your thread.

Tie in the hackle

Wrap the wire forward to form the segments of the body. Tie off the wire behind the bead, and trim off the excess. Prepare a brown hackle and tie it in by the tip, just behind the bead.

Wrap the hackle collar

Start wrapping the collar of the fly. Stroke the hen fibers towards the tail of the fly as you wrap. This takes a bit of practice, but is worth the hassle. Tie off the hackle after 3 or so wraps. Trim off the excess stem, and whip finish the fly. Trim your thread, and apply a small amount of head cement.