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Marabou Leech

Marabou Leech Fishing Fly Trout attack this fly. Leeches live naturally in freshwater lakes, ponds and slow running streams. The marabou gives this fly a really active presentation in the water. I gennerally tie this in a size 8 to 12, and use black, brown, rust, and gray color variations.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 9672 3x hook
  • Black marabou
  • Black 6/0 Uni-thread
Tie on thread.

Tie on your thread and trim the excess tag. Take the thread all the way to the curve of the hook.

Measure out your marabou.

Measure a piece of Marabou about the same length as the shaft of the hook. Use a pinch wrap to tie on the marabou. This forms the tail. Trim off the excess.

Tie in more marabou.

Next tie in another small piece of marabou, and tie it onto the hook, leaving a small gap from the tail. This will lay over the tail of the fly, and will blend into one piece when the fly is wet.

Dubbing the thread.

Tie in another small piece of marabou. Once again leave a small space on the shaft of the hook between the new piece, and the previous piece of marabou.

Tie on thread.

Continue adding marabou until you have reached the end of the hook. This may vary for the size of the hook used. For a size 8 3x streamer I use 4 pieces of marabou plus the tail. Build up a small head, whip finish and cement.