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The Green Meanie

The Green Meanie Flishing Fly Just two different materials are used to tie this wet fly. Any shade of green or olive dubbing can be used to tie this fly. I prefer to tie this with a lighter shade of green to provide some contrast against the darker color of the pheasant hackle.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 3399 size 6-12
  • Green or olive antron dubbing
  • Pheasant body feather
  • 6/0 Uni-thread
Starting the fly.

Crimp the barb of the hook and tie on the thread. Wrap the thread down the bend of the hook a little bit.

wrap the fly with some dubbing

Wax the thread, and apply a sparse amount of dubbing. You can use several applications of dubbing to acheive a tapered look in the body of the fly.

Dubbing the fly

Apply dubbing until you have a nicely tapered body. Add several half hitches to the fly to keep everything in place.

Tie in the pheasant

Find a nice colored pheasant hackle and prepare it by stripping away the fuzzy and webby hackles at the base. Stroke the feather back, leaving the tip available to be tied in. Tie in the hackle at the tip.

prepareing the hackle

To make it easier to wrap the hackle, you can strip of on side of the hackle. The stripped side will be easy to wrap around the hook.

Finish the fly.

Using the stem of the hackle, wrap the hackle around the hook shaft. Use your free hand to push back the hackle as you wrap. This helps the hackle distribute evenly. Tie off the hackle, trim, and add a whip finish and cement.