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Goldhead Bug - dubbed body

Gold head bug I have just come accross this pattern recently. It's a great pattern for the small trout pond near my house. You can easily modify the colors of the dubbing to try out different color combinations. In my area, olive is very effective, but oranges may work better in part of the stream. I always tie a couple of color variations for most of the flies I tie.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 3399 wet nymph hook size 10-14
  • Gold bead 1/8 - 5/32
  • Lead wire
  • Crystal flash
  • Olive and Orange dubbing
  • Gold or copper wire
  • 6/0 Uni-thread
Add the bead and lead.

Place a gold bead onto the hook. Add about 1-2 inch length of lead. Wrap the lead around the shaft of the hook just behind the bead. Add a small amount of head cement to the lead to tack it in place.

tie in the crystal flash and wire.

Next take 6-12 crystal flash strands and tie them in as the tail of the fly. Tie in a piece of copper or gold wire.

Dubbing the fly.

Wax the thread and place a small amount of olive dubbing into the thread. Twist the dubbing to form a loose rope, and wrap the fly with the dubbing. Wrap so that the dubbing is thicker through the middle. Wrap the wire in the opposite direction, trim the excess, and add a couple half hitches.

Dubbing the thorax.

Place a small amount of orange dubbing onto the thread as above. Wrap the dubbing so that it forms a throat for the fly. Add a few half hitches, and trim the thread.