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The Glo Egg

The Glo Egg Flishing Fly A widely used fly, used mainly for salmon and steelhead. This is a very simple salmon fly to tie. It is made even easier by using these instructions provided generously by OSD. Feel free to tie this fly in bright colors (Green, red, orange, yellow).

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Egg Hook or other curved shank hook
  • Glo bugg yarn
  • 6/0 Uni-thread
Starting the fly.

Get a ballpoint pen that screws apart in the center, and remove it's guts. The tip can now be used for a yarn bobbin.

Thread the yarn bobbin

Thread the Glo Bugg yarn through the pen tip using fishing line mono as a threader.

Tie in the glow bugg yarn

Tie on your thread at the eye of the hook and bring it back to the center of the shank. Wrap the yarn onto the hook shank. Wrap top left to bottom right then top right to bottom left.

Whip Fiinish the fly

Add a whip finish to the fly and trim off the thread. Trim the yarn to about 1/3 inch on both the top and the bottom.

Finish the fly.

The yarn should puff out once you cut it. Trim any long fibers to shape the egg into a round ball.

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