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The Flash swimmer Fishing Fly

The Flashswimmer Fishing Fly

Ingredients for the Flash Swimmer:
  • Mustad 3399 Size
  • Pearl Crystal Flash
  • Black Crystal Flash
  • Pearl Crystal Braid
  • Olive Chenille
  • Olive or Black Round Rubber Hackle
  • 6/0 black fly tying thread.
Starting the flash swimmer.

Tie on your thread, and bring it to the bend of the hook. Take 4 or 5 strands of pearl crystal flash. This will become the highlight of the shellback.

Adding the tag on the blue charm

Next tie in a small bunch of black crystal flash. This will become the other part of the shell. Next take a piece of the pearl crystal braid and tie it in at the bend over top of the crystal flash.

Create the air bubble

Wrap the braid around the shank of the hook 1 - 2 times. This will simulate the air bubble on the backswimmer.

Add chenille to the flashswimmer

Tie in a piece of olive chenille. This will become the body material of the backswimmer. Tie in an olive rubber hackle about 2/3 of the way to the eye of the shank. Use a figure eight wrap to tie down the hackle. You could also add a few wraps of lead at this point to give the fly a little extra weight.

Tie in the flash swimmer shell back

Wrap the chenille forward to the eye, taking care to keep the rubber hackle straight. Tie off the chenille at the eye, and trim the excess. Pull the crystal flash over top of the fly, and tie it down at the eye of the hook. Trim off the excess flash, and tie the head of the fly. Add a whip finish, and head cement.