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The Flaming Boobie Fishing Fly

The Flaming Boobie Fishing Fly The boobie style fly is a mainstay in the UK. There are numerous references made in UK trout magazines. The Flaming Boobie is fished in a similar mannor to other boobie style flies. Use a full sinking line, with 3-6' leader so that the boyant fly floats 3-6' off the bottom of the lake. This style of fishing is very effective, and can be used with any foam fly.

Ingredients for the Flaming Boobie:
  • Curved Scud C49S or Eagle River-7248 (8-12)
  • Black Boobie Foam
  • FL. Fire Orange Marabou
  • Shell Pink Crystal Antron Chenille
  • 8/0 Fire Orange fly tying thread
Starting the Flaming Boobie.

Start by crimping the barb of the hook in the vise jaws, or with a pair of flat pliars. Tie on your thread a short distance from the eye. This is the spot we will tie in the foam. Make sure to leave room to whip finish the fly once your done tying.

Figure 8 your boobie foam

Take a piece of boobie foam, and tie it onto the hook shank near the eye of the hook. Use a figure 8 wrap to secure the foam eyes on top of the hook shank. You can pull back the foam, and add a couple wraps in from, and behind the foam to really secure it after the figure 8 wrap.

Tie in the marabou

Select a small bunch of marabou fibers. Remove them from the stem, so that they flow more fluidly in the water. You can leave it long, and shorten the tail on the water if you are getting short strikes. Tie in the marabou from just behind the foam, and down along the shank.

Tie in the crystal antron chenille

Take a lenghth of crystal antron chenille, and stip off a few fibers from one end. Tie in the chenille at the stripped end.

Finishing the fly.

Wind the crystal antron chenille forward to the boobie foam. Tie off the antron chenille, and trim the excess. Wrap forward to the eye, and add a whip finish and a dab of head cement.

Flaming Boobie side profile

Here is a top view of the Flaming Boobie. Have fun fishing it.