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The Diving Halo Caddis Fishing Fly

The Diving Halo Caddis Fishing Fly The Diving Halo Caddis is an awsome emergant fly. This tutorial is written by Greg Scratchley. Take a minute, and visit his site. The Diving Halo Caddis is based on the original design of Gary Lafontaine's Sparkle Pupa.

Ingredients for the Diving Halo Caddis:
  • Curved Nymph 3xl (12-16)
  • Olive Beadhead
  • Mixed Olive / Dun / White S-Lon
  • Crystal flash
  • Olive seal dubbing
  • 8/0 Olive fly tying thread
Starting the Diving Halo Caddis.

Start by crimping the barb of the hook in the vise jaws, or with a pair of flat pliars. Select a bead of appropriate size to place on the hook. Tie on your thread just beind the bead.

Tie in the ZLON

Tie in the s-lon / z-lon at the 1/2way point. (tie in the s-lon so that the whole hook is surrounded. (or 1/2 top 1/2 bottom... or 1/2 left 1/2 right...) and leave a tag at bend of hook.

Tie in the flash

Next tie in your 5 strands of crystal flash - the brighter the better. Tie them down to the back of the hook, to the point that the slon was tied down.

Tie in the crystal flash

Wrap the crystal flash forward. Build a thick tapered body from the bend to the half way point behind the bead. Tie off the crystal flash, and trim the excess.

Wrap the zlon

Pull the s-lon / z-lon forward over the abdomen, and flare it completely around the body. It should look like a coccoon when it is in the right place. Tie off the s-lon just behind the bead, and trim away the excess material.

Finish the Diving Halo caddis

Add a small amount of dubbing wax to your thread, and place some olive dubbing onto the thread. twist the dubbing around the thread, and then wrap the thread just behind the bead. Add a whip finish, and add a small amount of head cement to the fly.