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The Daiwl Bach Fishing Fly

The Daiwl Bach Fishing Fly

Ingredients for the Daiwl Bach:
  • Mustad 3906 Nymph Hook 8 - 14
  • Reddish Brown Hackle Fibers
  • Fine Copper Wire
  • Peacock Herl
  • 8/0 Brown fly tying thread
Starting the Daiwl Bach.

Tie on your thread, and wind it to the bend of the hook. Select a small bunch of reddish brown hackle fibers. Tie in the fibers as the tail on the fly.

Tie in the copper Wire

Take a piece of copper wire, and tie it onto the shank of the hook. Leave a small tag of wire uncovered after it is tied in. Bend this tag backwards, and wrap over top of it. This is a great way to secure the wire.

Tie in the peacock

Next take 3-4 peacock herls and trim off the tips to even them. Tie the peacock onto the hook shank by the tips.

Wrap the peacock

Wrap the peacock around the copper wire several times. This will add tons of strength to the fragile peacock herl. Wrap the herl, and wire forward to the eye of the hook. Tie off the herl and wire, and trim the excess.

Finish the Daiwl Bach

Select another small bunch of the reddish brown hackle fibers, and tie the onto the fly as a beard. Trim the excess, add a whip finish to the Daiwl Bach, and cement the head.