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Crystal Bugger - bead head

Crystal Wooly Bugger Fishing Fly This is one of my favorite flies to tie. I have taken the classic wooly bugger, and added some new materials, and made this fly flashy and more attractive for trout, bass, and even pike. The bead head gives the fly added weight, and allows the fly to sink quickly. You can add a bit of lead to this ass well to give it a bit more weight. Feel free to experiment with different colors and combinations. Olive works well in my area, so I'm tying this one in olive for you. Try some bright colors and some mixed colors to see what gives you results.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 9672 3x hook
  • 1/8 - 5/32 gold bead
  • Olive marabou
  • Crystal Flash
  • Olive Crystal Chenille
  • Olive strung hackle
  • Olive 6/0 thread
Tie on thread.

Place the bead on your hook. You may need to crimp down the barb of the hook. Tie on your thread and trim the excess tag. Take the thread all the way to the curve of the hook.

Measure out your marabou.

Measure a piece of Marabou about the same length as the shaft of the hook. Use a pinch wrap to tie on the marabou. This forms the tail. Trim off the excess. Tie in 4-8 strands of the crystal flash around the tail, and trim them to the same size as the tail.

Tie in the hackle.

Next tie in the hackle. Make sure that you have tied this in tightly. Next tie in your chenille. Remove a few of the fibers at one end, and tie in that end.

Dubbing the thread.

Wrap the chenille forward. Keep the wrap tight, and bring it all the way to the front. Tie off the chenille, and trim the excess.

Tie on thread.

Wrap the hackle forward, and secure it at the head. Trim the excess, and add a whip finish to the fly. That is all there is to tying this simple but effective fly.