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The Coyote Dry Fly

The Coyote Flishing Fly I really enjoy tying this fly and I hope that you will also. I also make a darker version of this using black elk hair. Both versions work well in caddis hatches.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 94833 size 6-16
  • Yellow elk hair
  • Grizzley hackle
  • Brown hackle
  • Fire Orange 6/0 Uni-thread
Starting the fly.

Crimp the barb of the hook and tie on the thread. Wrap the thread to the bend of the hook.

Tie on the elk hair tail

Take a small clump of elk hair and stack it. Tie it in as a tail. Be careful not to wrap too tight. The hair will flair out if it is too tight. Wrap the thread forward to just past halfway on the shank. It would be good to add a couple half hitches at this point.

Tie in the hair wing

Take another small clump of elk hair and prepare it in the stacker. We will use this clump as the hairwing of the fly. Tie the elk hair in just forward of the halfway point on the shank. There should be an exposed strip of orange visable from the side and bottom of the fly.

Tie in the hackle

Tie in a grizzley hackle and a brown hackle. the hackle fibers should be 1 1/2 times longer than the gap of the hook.

Wrap the hackle finish the fly

Wrap the hackles forward one at a time, and tie them off. Take care not to wrap down the fibers of the first hackle as you wind the second hackle. Add a whip finish to the fly, and cement the head.