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The Chernobyl Ant - Foam Body

The Chernobyl Ant Flishing Fly This is a modern remake of a classic fly pattern. The red thread is vital to tying this fly. The thread acts as an attractor color for the trout. I have used several different colors of thread with limited success. It the red that works best for me. Be creative tying this terrestrial fly, and experiment with different colors.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 9671 size #8-#12
  • Tan closed cell foam
  • Black rubber legs
  • Red 6/0 Uni-thread
Starting the fly.

Tie in your thread and dress the shank of the hook with the thread. You will want to cover most of the hook, but if you niss a small spot, you can go over it on the way back.

Tie in the foam body.

Bring the thread back to just past the tip of the hook. This is where you want to tie in the foam. Wrap the foam while hoding it tightly. You want to make sure that it is very secure, and won't move from side to side.

Add the rubber legs

Next take 2 pieces of rubber leg material and tie them in on top of the body with 2 wraps. Once the lages are wrapped twice, pull them to the side of the body. Add a couple more wraps to secure the legs well.

Wrap second segment

Wrap the thread along the shank of the hook to a 1/4 inch behind the eye of the hook. Repeat the same steps to attach the body and legs.

Finish the fly.

Bring the thread back to the shank, and secure the thread with 2 or 3 half hitches. Now take a pair of scissors (not your good pair) and trim the foam to give the head and body a rounded look.