Steelhead Fly

Olive Ghost Sea Trout Tube Fly

Olive Ghost Tube Fly Recipe

Tube: Black nanotube
Weight: Drop weight
Thread: Uni-8/0 Black
Hackles: GOlden olive dyed French partridge
Wing: Golden olive fox tail with chartreuse angel hair
Eye: Jungle cock
Cone: Brass cone

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Intruder Fly Pattern by NWOutfitters

Intruder Fly Pattern Recipe

Tube: Protube black or other tube
Thread: 6/0 thread
Butt: Silver ice dubbing
Rear Collar: White arctic fox hair, blue ostrich herl and purple guinea fowl
Flash: Ice blue Flashabou
Body: Lagurtun flat braid
Weight: Cone head
Front Collar: White arctic fox hair, purple rhea herl and purple marabou
Flash: Ice blue Flashabou
Collar: Purple Guinea fowl

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Thunder & Lightning Tube by Bruce Berry


Tube: Pro Tube Nano – black
Hook Guide: Pro Tube black large
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Black Fish Dope Dub
Rib 1: flat pearl mylar
Rib 2: Gold oval tinsel, fine
Body hackle: Orange schlappen
Collar: Blue marble fox tail
Wing: Black marble fox tail
Flash: Purple Ice Angel Hair
Collar: Blue schlappen then blue dyed guinea fowl
Cone: Pro Tube ultrasonic disc

Fish Skull Intruder spun up by Barrett Christiansen

Hook: Gamakatsu T10-6H
Thread: 6/0 Uni Black
Butt: Holographic Ice Dub – Silver
Tail: Ostrichdyed Kingfisher blue
Body: Lagartun mini flat braid – holo silver
Hackle 1: Arctic fox
Hackle 2: Spey plume – black
Head: Fish Skull blue size medium and finish with expoxy
Eye: 3d Dome eyes (included with fish skulls)