LaFontaine Emergent Pupa by FlySpoke

Hook: Tiemco 206BL
Thread: Gordon Griffiths’ Sheer 14/0 Olive (suit to color)
Shuck: Antron yarn (Sparkle Yarn)
Body: Arizona Peacock dubbing
Wing: Elk hair
Head: Olive Elk hair

William @ FlySpoke ties up a Same Thing Murray

Hook: Upeye Salmon hook ie Mustad 36890 (Double used here)
Thread: 8/0 chartreuse thread
Tag: Fine silver wire
Tail: Orange hen hackle
Body: UNI-Floss hot green on back half and peacock herl on the front
Rib: Fine silver wire
Wing: Pearl crystal flash, black hair such as fox, bear or squirrel
*Switch to black thread
Collar: Black hackle
Head: UNI-Floss and black ostrich herl