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Tom Thumb tied by Davie McPhail

Tom Thumb (North American) or Double Humpy (European) Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Kamasan B160 size 12
Thread: Black 8/0
Wings: Deer hair
Body: Black, Red and Black Ice Dub
Back: Deer Hair with optional uv resin

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Red Baron Pike Fly by Flytying.EU

The Red Baron Pike Fly Recipe

Tube: 3mm glitter tube and liner tube
Thread: Veevus 0.8
Rear collar: Red bucktail tied reverse and flared back
First wing: Red big fly fibre and red holographic Flashabou
Second wing: Red big fly fibre and gold holographic Flashabou tied in the sides
Topping: Red holographic Flashabou
Lateral line: Gold lateral scale Flashabou
Front Hackle: Red marabou palmered then red ostrich herl tied in the round
Head: Red FutureFly predator head
Eye: 12mm 3d eye

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Kaufmann’s Stone tied by Hammer Creek Fly Fishing

Kaufmann’s Stone Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: 3xl curved shank hook
Thread: Black UTC 140
Tail and antenee: natural (dark) goose biots
Rib: Vinyl rib (such as D-rib or V-rib)
Body: Dark brown Hare-tron dubbing
Wing buds: Mottled oak thin skin
Head: Black (optional bead head)

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Steelhead Slammer by Tie2Throw Maarten Bruinenberg

Steelhead Slammer Fly Pattern Recipe

Tube: Frodin x-small / medium tubes
Thread: Uni-8/0 black
Butt: Mirage flat tinsel
Tail: Hot orange fluoro fibre
Body: Purple electrabraid
Rib: Black Ultrawire
Body: Mikkeli blue dubbing
Flash: SSS rainbow
Wing: US Opossum
Legs: Hot pink / black barred rubber
Collar: Hot pink ostrich and purple marabou
Disc: Futurefly UFO disc 6mm

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Foam Back Hopper by Davie Mcphail

Foam back Hopper Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Kamasan B170 size 12
Thread: Uni-8/0 Olive
Rib: Clear Wrap or Clear Light Nylon
Foam Back: Olive Foam
Body: Olive Seal Fur or SLF Dubbing
Legs: Pheasant Tail Fibres Knotted
Thorax Cover: Olive Foam
Thorax: Olive Seals Fur or SLF Dubbing
Hackle: Furnace Saddle Cock

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Blueback Getter wrapped by Cascadia Fly Shop

Blueback Getter Fly Recipe

Hook: Dai-Riki 285 sz 6
Thread: UNI-Thread pink 6/0
Tail: pink and yellow scrap feather
Rib: Lagartun medium flat tinsel
Body: ice dub fl. hot pink
Wing: arctic fox zonker
Collar: yellow saddle hackle and pink schlappen

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Nick Granato’s Maximum Cowbell tied by Brian Wise

Nick Granato’s Maximum Cowbell Fly Tying Recipe

Rear Hook: Gamakatsu SP11 #1
Flash: Shimmer Fringe
Tail 1: – Saddle Hackle
Tail 2/Wing: Rabbit Strip
Body: Polar Chenille
Body Hotspot: Chubby Dub

Front Hook: Owner Sproat #1/0
Eyes: Aluminum Sea Eyes
Body Hotspot: Chubby Dub
Body: Polar Chenille
Body 2: Schlappen
Head: Laser Dub

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Allrounder Emerger Fly Pattern tied by Davie McPhail

Hook: Kamasan B160 size 12
Thread: Black UTC 7/0 and Uni-8/0 Light Cahill
Body: Stripped Peacock Quill
Legs: Knotted Pheasant Tail
Under-Wing: Deer Hair
Thorax: Natural Hair Mix of Rabbit and Red Fox Fur
Wing: Natural CDC
Head: Olive Ice Dub or Lite-Brite

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