Dark Back Suspended Caddis by Giancarlos Donninelli

Dark Back Suspended Caddis Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Curved scud hook #8-#12
Thread: Raw silk marked with apricot-colored felt-tip pen
Back: High-density foam dark gray segmented with raw silk
Legs: teal or mallard flank fibers
Thorax: Mottled dark dubbing
Head: High-density foam dark gray

Hooks standard short shank 12/10/8. Abdomen, hare fur. Segmentation, synthetic golden ribbon. Wing, natural deer hair. Chest mounted slotted, antron mixture of red and yellow, orange and beige polypropylene, fur of shredded venison brown and beige. Red Wire Assembly.

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Parachute Adams Shuck Tail tied by Jim Misiura

Parachute Adams Shuck Tail Fly Recipe
Hook: Dry fly hook #12-#18
Thread: 8/0 cream
Shuck: Poly yarn
Body: Adams gray dubbing (dry fly)
Rib: Copper wire
Wing post: Poly yarn
Hackle: Grizzly and brown (or Cree)

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Allrounder Emerger Fly Pattern tied by Davie McPhail

Hook: Kamasan B160 size 12
Thread: Black UTC 7/0 and Uni-8/0 Light Cahill
Body: Stripped Peacock Quill
Legs: Knotted Pheasant Tail
Under-Wing: Deer Hair
Thorax: Natural Hair Mix of Rabbit and Red Fox Fur
Wing: Natural CDC
Head: Olive Ice Dub or Lite-Brite

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