Dry Fly

Goddard Caddis tied by Denver Rathbun of Big R Fly Shop

Goddard Caddis Fly Recipe

Hook: #14 Tiemco TMC 100
Thread: Black 70 Ultra Thread
Cement: Hard as Hull
Body: Orange deer body hair
Antennae: Stripper hackle (schlappen) stem
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle / Legs: #14 Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle

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Hairdresser Mosquito (Frisörmyggan) by Markus Hoffman

Hairdresser Mosquito Fly Tying Recipe

Hook: TMC 212y #17
Thread: 17/0 Uni
Body: Peacock quill w/ resin coating
Wing: CDC
Thorax: Black dubbing

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Bullet Head Caddis by Hackles And Wings

Bullet Head Caddis Recipe

Hook: Dry Fly Standard #12-#18
Threads: UNI 8/0 dark brown
Head / Wing: Deer hair stacked
Body: Antron dubbing olive (brown, cream, olives, black)
Thorax: Rabbit dubbing dark olive (match to body darker)

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Stimulator Dry Fly by InTheRiffle

Hook: 3xl Dry fly hook or curved dry hook 8 – 16
Thread: Orange 6/0
Tail: Light or bleached elk or deer hair
Rib: Fine copper wire
Body: Burnt orange rabbit dubbing
Body Hackle: Grizzly dyed brown dry fly hackle
Wing: Light or bleached elk or deer hair
Thorax: Pale morning dun dubbing
Hackle: Grizzly dyed brown dry fly hackle
Head: Orange

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