Sluiceway Special by Tim

From Tim Cammisa

Sluiceway Special Fly Recipe

Hook: Scud hook #8-#22 – Allen N203
Bead: Black tungsten bead or black brass bead
Thread: UNI 8/0 thread black

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Hotspot Snatcher by Douglas Cameron Hall @thetroutfly

From Douglas Cameron Hall

Hotspot Snatcher Fly Recipe

Hook: #16 – #10 buzzer/grub/scud
Thread: Rusty brown UNI 6/0
Hotspot: Glo-brite floss
Hackle: Whiting brown saddle hackle
Rib: Copper wire

Video by: Douglas Cameron Hall click to subscribe.

Hans Weilenmann ties up a Grey Boy Buzzer

Grey Boy Buzzer
Hook: scud hook #10-14
Thread: 6/0 white thread
Abdomen: Dark hare’s ear dubbing or dark grey heron barbs (grey goose sub)
Rib: Tying thread
Wingcase/breathers: Fluffy white fibers from base of feather
Thorax: Dark hare’s ear