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Cahill Light - Dry Fly

Light Cahill Dry Fly This is a classic fly pattern. Once you get the hang of it, you can very easily create interesting variations of this fly. The most obvious would be a dark cahill.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad Dry fly hook size 10 or higher
  • Yellow wood duck flank feather
  • Ginger or cream hackle fibers
  • Ginger or cream hackle
  • Ginger or dubbing
  • Yellow dun Uni-Thread 6/0 thread
Tie in thread.

Tie on your thread near the middle of the hook, and wind it forward to about 2/3 the length of the shaft.

Tie in  and fibers.

Take a small bunch of yellow feather fibers. You will want to tie them on so that you have enough of the fiber tips exposed to help make the bulk of the wing. Tie in the fibers both behind and in front so that they stand upright on the hook.

Add the tail.

Trim the excess off, and wind the thread to the back of the hook, just before the bend. Tie in a small amount of white or cream colored hackle fibers for the tail.

Dubbing the thread.

Wax your thread about 2-3 inches. Take a small amount of cream or ginger dubbing and apply it to the thread. Roll the dubbing between your fingers to create a small rope.

Wrap and tie in hackle.

Wind the dubbed thread onto the fly taking care to create a tapered look on the body of the fly. Tie in a ginger hackle just behind the wing.

Finish the fly.

Wind the hackle 3-4 times behind the wing, and 2-3 times in front. Make sure to leave your self enough room to tie off the thread. Add a whip finish the the fly, and cement the head.