Bullethead Caddisfly tied by Tim Cammisa


Hook: TMC 200r or curved shank hook
Thread: Chartreuse or caddis green 6/0 thread
Wing: Deer body hair
Body: Deer body hair
Underwing: Fox Squirrel body hair
Head: Peacock herl

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  1. Tim Camissa, on your improved PT video you used a material clip that I cannot seem
    to find out where to get one. Do you have any info as to where I might be able to send
    for one. Thanks for any help you can offer. Jim Ritter

    1. Jim, the tool you’re referring to is called the Stonfo Elite Hackle Pliers; you can find them at many online fly tying shops with a simple Google search. They are great, and I use them for many applications. Tim

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