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The Brassie Fishing Fly

The Brassie Fishing Fly The brassie is a fairly simple fly to tie, but as almost any fisherman will tell you, peacock catches trout. You can try out different colors of wire in this fly pattern, such as red, and black. There is now a wide variety of wires available on the market, and so no limits in your choice of colors. The brassie can also be used for hard water fishing in the winter months.

Ingredients for the Brassie:
  • Mustad C49S Size 8 - 18
  • Fine to Medium copper wire
  • Peacock Herl
  • 8/0 Brown fly tying thread
Starting the Brassie.

Take a piece of copper wire, and start to wind it up the shank of the hook. Don't worry about leaving a small tag end, we will take care of that later. Secure the tail end of the wire between your fingers.

Wind the copper Wire

Continue winding the wire forward until you are a couple of wraps short of the eye of the hook. Use your fingernail to push the wire wraps snuggly together. You may need to add an extra wrap.

Tie in the peacock

Tie in your thread at the eye of the hook, and tie off the excess wire. Tie in 2 or 3 strands of peacock herl. Wrap the peacock herl around the tying thread to give the herl more strength.

Wrap the peacock

Wrap the peacock around the shank of the hook a few time to form the head of the fly. Tie off the herl, and add a whip finish to the brassie. Add a dab of head cement to secure the thread. You will now need to take care of the tail end of the wire. You can either use a pair of wire cutters to snip the wire close to the hook shank, or just bend the wire around the hook a couple times. You should add some flex cement to the wires of the fly to secure them firmly.