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The Blue Charm Salmon Fishing Fly

The Blue Charm Salmon Fishing Fly

Ingredients for the Blue Charm:
  • Salmon Hook size 2/0 - 8
  • Gold oval tinsel
  • Bright yellow floss
  • Golden pheasant crest feather
  • Black floss
  • Silver Dr. Blue hackle fibers
  • Squirrel tail
  • 6/0 black fly tying thread.
Starting the blue charm.

Tie on your tying thread at the eye of the hook, Tie in your oval tinsel at this point. We want to keep the body even, so this is why we tie the tinsel at this point. Wrap the tinsel to the bend of the hook.

Adding the tag on the blue charm

Wrap the thread forward a couple wraps in order to allow enough room to wrap the tag of the fly. Wrap the tinsel forward with touching wraps to form the tag. Tie down the tag, and trim the excess tinsel. We will tie in the tinsel again, after the floss, and pheasant have been tied in. Tie in a piece of yellow single strand floss such as unifloss after the tag.

Add the tag to the blue charm

Wrap the floss onto the hook. Use smooth even wraps, and wind forward, paying attention to the evenness of the floss. Tie off the floss and trim the excess. Select a crest feather from a golden pheasant. You can wet the feather, and lay it over a curved surface in order to give it a better curve. Tie in the crest feather as a tail. Do not trim off the stem, but reather tie it into the body.

Creating the blue charm body

Tie in a piece of oval tinsel on the bottom of the hook. Tie it so that it runs to the back of the hook, and is out of the way while wrapping the body of the blue charm. Next tie in the black floss. This is the hardest portion. You want the body to be as smooth as is possible. Wrap the bloss to the eye of the hook, tie it off, and trim the excess off.

Rib the blue fly

Take the oval tinsel, and create even wraps of tinsel to the eye of the fly. You can always unwrap and even out the spacing. Tie off the tinsel and trim the excess.

Create a beard for the blue charm

The blue charm hairwing traditionally has a blue beard. Select a strung saddle hackle dyed silver Dr. Blue. Strip off the fluffy fibers. Visually split the feather into 3 parts. A tip, right anf left. Strip the left and right fibers from the feather, and set aside. Tie in the tip at the bottom of the hook. Tie the stem down once you have the desired length. Take the right side feather fibers, and tie then on to the right side of the tips you just tie in. Next tie in the left side fibers. Tie them down securly, and trim the excess fibers.

Tie in the wing of the blue charm

Take a small bunch of squirrel tail, and tie it in on top as a wing. Tie the squirrel down befor trimming it. The hairs are a bit slippery, and need to be secure first. Trim off the excess hair, and begin wrapping the head of the fly. Once you have a nice head wrapped, finish the fly with a whip finish, cement the head. You can also laquer the head to give it a clean smooth look.