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The Blood Worm

The Blood Worm Flishing Fly This is another variation of the blood worm that I often tie to use on ice fishing trips. The marabou in the tail of this fly adds some nice action and some life to it.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 3399/3906/3906B size #14-#20
  • Larva Lace
  • Red marabou fibers
  • Red 6/0 Uni-thread
Tie in the thread.

Tie in your thread at the head of the hook and wind it to the bend of the hook.

Tie in the marabou.

Take a few pieces of marabou fibers, and tie them onto the hook. Try to keep this as thin as possible.

Wrap the lace

Tie in your larva lace, and then wrap the thread to the head of the fly.

Finish the fly.

Wind the larva lace around the hook shaft towards the eye of the hook. Keep your winds tight, and keep tention on the lace. Tie off the lace and trim the excess. Add a whip finish to the fly, and cement the head.