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The Blood Worm Midge

The Blood Worm Midge Flishing Fly I have been using this for ice fishing trips for a couple years now, and it produces on a consistant basis. There are just 2 materials used to tie this. It's simple and effective.

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Mustad 3399/3906/3906B size #14-#20
  • Larva Lace
  • Red marabou fibers
  • Red 6/0 Uni-thread
Tie in the thread.

Tie in your thread and take it about 1/2 the length of the hook. This give a bit of room to tie forward the lace.

Tie in the lace.

Tie in the larve lace next. I tie it up top, and wrap forward to cover the end. I then wrap backwards as far as I can down the bend. Whil I wrap, I pull the lace to make it thinner.

Wrap the lace

Wrap the thread back to the eye of the hook. Wrap the lace around the hook keeping the wrap as close as possible. Once you reach the head, tie off the excess and trim.

Finish the fly.

Tie in 5-6 small marabou fibers at the head. Wrap the fibers around the hook 2 or 3 times and tie off the marabou. Add a whip finish, and carefully cement the head, taking care to keep it away from the marabou. Take a small piece of velcro to fluff out the marabou.