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The Black Bear Orange Butt Salmon Fishing Fly

The Black Ant Terrestrial Fishing Fly

Ingredients for this fly:
  • Salmon Hook
  • Silver mylar tinsel
  • Orange hares ear dubbing
  • Black floss
  • Black hackle
  • Squirrel tail
  • Black bear hair
  • 6/0 or 8/0 Uni-thread black
Tie on the thread.

Tie on your thread, and run it to the bend of the hook. Tie in a piece of silver mylar tinsel and wrap it forward about 4 wraps. Tie off and trim the tinsel.

Dubbing The fly

Wax your thread and apply a sparse amount of dubbing onto the thread. Using your fingers, twist the dubbing onto the thread. Wrap the thread in place to form an orange tag after the silver tag. Tie in another piece of mylar for the ribbing of the fly.

Tie in a hackle

Tie in your floss. Run your thread to the eye of the hook. Wrap your floss to the eye of the hook and tie it off. Next wrap the mylar tinsel forward to create the rib of the fly.

Wrap the hackle

Take a small bunch of black hackle fibers, and tie them onto the hook under the eye to create a beard.

Stack and wrap

Tie in a squirrel tail under wing. You can stack the hair of you wish, but I prefer not to. Take a small clump of black bear, and tie it in as an over wing. Trim the excess hair, and a small dab of flexament. Add a whip finish, trim the thread and cement the head.