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The Antron Adams Dry Fly

The Disco Midge The Adams dry fly is an essential dry fly that everyone should have in their box. For the beginner tier, the Adams dry fly is a little difficult to tie. This is a slightly easier version of the Adams to tie than the classic pattern.

Ingredients for the Antron Adams dry fly:
  • size 16-24
  • Grey or dun antron
  • Brown hackle
  • Dun antron dubbing
  • Grizzly dry hackle
  • Brown dry hackle
  • 6/0 or 8/0 UNI-Thread camel
Tie on the thread.

Tie on your thread at near the eye of the hook and tie in an antron wing post. You can split the wing, or leave it as a post at this stage.

Dubbing The fly

Wrap your thread to the back of the hook, and tie in a few strands of brown hackle fibers. Tie it in about the length of the hook shaft.

Tie in a hackle

Apply dubbing wax to your thread, and sparsly apply dubbing to your thread. Create a tapered body for the fly. You may need several applications of dubbing to acheive the proper taper.

Wrap the hackle

Tie in a grizzly hackle and a brown hackle behind the wing post.

Wrap the hackle

Wrap the hackles forward. You can do these one at a time, or both together. If you wrap them one at a time, take care not to wrap the fibers of the first hackle with the second.

Stack and wrap

Add a whip finish to the head of the fly and cement. Trim off the excess antron to balance the fly. The fly here should have slightly longer hackle. A general rule is to have your hackle 1.5 times the gap of the hook.