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The 2 Tone Alaskabou Salmon Fly

The Alaskabou Flishing Fly A very simple, but impressive looking salmon fly. Try tying this in a few different color combinations to produce some interesting results. A pink and orange variant is a must on any steelhead or salmon trip. Here is a list of a couple variations (front / mid / rear).

Ingredients for this fly:
Tie on the thread.

Tie on your thread at the head of the hook, and lay down a base of thread. Cover the open end of the eye with your wraps.

Add marabou

Add the first color of marabou. Make sure not to crowd the tail and leave enough room to the application of the second color.

Add more marabou

Tie in your second color of marabou. Trim the excess marabou, and apply a couple wraps to secure the loose ends.

Add flash and hackle

Take a few strands of crystal flash, and tie it at both sides of the fly. Prepare a blue wet hackle feather, and tie it in at the head.

Finish the fly

Wrap the hackle at the head to create a collar. Trim off any excess materials, and add a whip finish and cement to the head of the fly.