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Bucktail or deer tail is a common material that comes from both bucks and does. The hair is inexpensive and often used in big game flies like pike streamers, and jigs. The hair is commonly used is saltwater flies, as a wing in streamer flies and “bucktail” streamers. It may also be used to create tails, bellies, collars and evens heads of flies (see Thundercreek patterns). Bucktails are sold as full tails with various sizes available such as jumbo or

Tails are two-toned and natural tails have a white outer area with a brown center. So when you purchase a tail, you are getting a bit of a bonus natural brown hair. The hair can be dyed as well in any color, and the brown section will take on a different color than the white. Hair taken near the tip is the best for streamers as it isn’t as hollow and therefore doesn’t flare as much as hair taken from the base which can contain some body hair.

Look for hairs that are long (3-4″) and straight. A little bit of crinkle or wave is okay. The tips of the hairs should be tapered to a fine natural point. Over processed tails or improperly handled tails may have hairs with excessive broken tips. Be sure to give the tail a sniff before you buy. Some tails can have a strong odor which is hard to get rid of. If you can find a soft tanned tail, it should be almost odor free, but hard tanned tails (hard skin portions) tend to be smellier and can curl when they dry. Superfly brand bucktails from Canada are a favorite because of the way they process the tails. Once they dye the tails, they are nailed onto boards and allowed to dry. The extra money ($1 or so) is worth it if you can find them.

Little Brown Trout tied by Shawn Holsinger

Little Brown Trout Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: 3xl streamer
Thread: Black dun 8/0
Rib: Gold oval tinsel
Body: Pearl flat tinsel over a base of black thread then coated with UV resin
Belly: White bucktail
Wing: White bucktail, pearl crystal flash, fox squirrel hair, peacock herl
Head: Black
Eye: 3D eyes and a UV resin coating

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Scow Caddis by Giancarlo Donninelli

Scow Caddis Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Standard dry #8-12
Thread: Olive dun 8/0
Rib: Gold flat tinsel
Body: Hare dubbing
Wing: Deer hair
Abdomen: Red and yellow mixed antron
Collar: Brown deer hair spun in loop and paltered
Head: Dubbing

Hooks standard short shank 12/10/8. Abdomen, hare fur. Segmentation, synthetic golden ribbon. Wing, natural deer hair. Chest mounted slotted, antron mixture of red and yellow, orange and beige polypropylene, fur of shredded venison brown and beige. Red Wire Assembly.

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Galloup’s Zoo Cougar tied by RedBeardFlyFishing

Galloup’s Zoo Cougar Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1750
Thread: Danville’s 3/0
Tail: Marabou
Body: Pearl Diamond Braid
Wing 1: Calf Tail
Wing 2: Mallard Flank
Collar and Head: Deer Hair

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Red Baron Pike Fly by Flytying.EU

The Red Baron Pike Fly Recipe

Tube: 3mm glitter tube and liner tube
Thread: Veevus 0.8
Rear collar: Red bucktail tied reverse and flared back
First wing: Red big fly fibre and red holographic Flashabou
Second wing: Red big fly fibre and gold holographic Flashabou tied in the sides
Topping: Red holographic Flashabou
Lateral line: Gold lateral scale Flashabou
Front Hackle: Red marabou palmered then red ostrich herl tied in the round
Head: Red FutureFly predator head
Eye: 12mm 3d eye

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Kaufmann’s Stone tied by Hammer Creek Fly Fishing

Kaufmann’s Stone Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: 3xl curved shank hook
Thread: Black UTC 140
Tail and antenee: natural (dark) goose biots
Rib: Vinyl rib (such as D-rib or V-rib)
Body: Dark brown Hare-tron dubbing
Wing buds: Mottled oak thin skin
Head: Black (optional bead head)

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Steelhead Slammer by Tie2Throw Maarten Bruinenberg

Steelhead Slammer Fly Pattern Recipe

Tube: Frodin x-small / medium tubes
Thread: Uni-8/0 black
Butt: Mirage flat tinsel
Tail: Hot orange fluoro fibre
Body: Purple electrabraid
Rib: Black Ultrawire
Body: Mikkeli blue dubbing
Flash: SSS rainbow
Wing: US Opossum
Legs: Hot pink / black barred rubber
Collar: Hot pink ostrich and purple marabou
Disc: Futurefly UFO disc 6mm

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