Barr’s Slumpbuster by Hammer Creek Fly Fishing

Barr’s Slumpbuster Fly Recipe

Hook: Streamer hook #3-#12
Thread: Olive UTC 140
Tail and back: Pine Squirrel zonked
Body: Pearl braid
Rib: Copper wire
Collar: Fox squirrel zonker
Head: Black

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The Pink Panther Pike Fly

The Pink Panther Pike Fly Recipe

Shank: Flymen Fishing Co. Big Game Shank
Thread: Veevus 0.8
Rear Hackle: Pink Marabou palmered
Tail: Big fly fibres and pink holographic Flashabou
Lateral Line: Flashabou lateral scale gold
Wing: Grizzly dyed pink hackles
Front Hackle: Pink marabou
Head: Pink ram’s wool
Cone: Flymen Fishing Co. softhead
Eye: 12mm 3d eye

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Ray Shcmidt’s Twin Tail Madonna tied by Red Beard Fly Fishing

Ray Shcmidt’s Twin Tail Madonna Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Dai Riki 700 Size 4
Thread: UTC 140
Body 1: Small mylar tubing or diamond braid
Body 2: Two rabbit strips
Wing: 2-4 strands flashabou
Collar and Head: Deer hair

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Bruce’s Coal Car XL Steelhead Tube Fly by NWOutfitters

Bruce’s Coal Car X LSteelhead Fly Pattern Recipe

Tube: Protube clear nanotube or other tube
Tag: Protube orange and pink sections
Thread: 6/0 thread
Rib: Copper embossed tinsel small
Weight: Small tungsten
Body: Black Fish Dope dubbing
Wing: Black marble fox, purple haze lite brite
Collar: black marabou then black schlappen
Eyes: Jungle Cock HD Magenta
Head: Ultrasonic disc brass

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Goddard Caddis tied by Denver Rathbun of Big R Fly Shop

Goddard Caddis Fly Recipe

Hook: #14 Tiemco TMC 100
Thread: Black 70 Ultra Thread
Cement: Hard as Hull
Body: Orange deer body hair
Antennae: Stripper hackle (schlappen) stem
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle / Legs: #14 Whiting 100’s Saddle Hackle

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