Sweet Potato EP Crab Fly by Bryan Bowers

Sweet Potato EP Crab Fly Fly Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu #4
Thread: Danville 210 denier orange
Tail: orange saddle hackle and marabou and orange Krystal Flash
Eye: Red mono eyes
Legs: Brown barred silli legs
Claws: Orange barred rabbit zonker
Weight: Barbell eyes
Body: Olive brownEP Tarantula Hairy Legs and brown EP Streamer Brush (palmered)
Weed Guard: 50lb mono
Head: Orange

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Hoh Bo Spey tied by Sam Wike of Big R Fly Shop

Hobo Spey (Hoh Bo Spey) Fly Recipe

Shank: 20mm Waddington Shank
Hook Line: 30lb Fire Line
Hook: #4 Octopus Hook
Thread: Orange 6/0
Hackle: Guinea fowl
Body: Blue Angel Hair dubbed
Collar: Black Marabou
Accent: Lady Amherst tail fibers

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Silver Hilton Steelhead Fly tied by Jim Misiura

Silver Hilton Fly Recipe
Hook: Streamer hook #6-12
Thread: 8/0 black
Tag: Silver flat tinsel
Tail: Mallard flank fibers
Body: Black chenille
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Wing: Grizzly hackles paired
Collar: Soft grizzly hackle (hen saddle)
Head: Black

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Stu’s Intruder whipped up by Cascadia Fly Shop

Stu’s Intruder Fly Recipe

Thread: 3/0 Mono cord
Tube: Protube medium
Liner tube: HMH micro
Tag: Lateral Scale
Hip and Shoulder: Cactus chenille, opossum, ostrich, lady amhurst
Flash: Flashabou and crystal flash
Head: Protube cone

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Wired Stonefly Nymph by InTheRiffle

Wired Stonefly Nymph Fly Recipe

Hook: #08-16 Tiemco 200R
Bead: Gold Cyclops Bead
Weight: .015-.025 Lead Wire
Thread: Black UTC 70
Tail: Black Goose Biots
Body: Black and Copper Brassie Wire
Thorax: Stonefly Nymph Brown SLF Dubbing
Casing: Black FINO Skin
Legs: Black Goose Biots

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